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I shall speak with Sindhis in Sindhi
I shall work for promotion of Sindhi Language, Literature and Culture

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Sindhi Saathi is an important activity of Sindhi Sangat to bring the Indian Sindhis and Sindhis of Indian Origin together on the internet platform. A Sindhi state in India is still a distant dream but a virtual Sindhi State is readily available through the power of internet. Let us work together.

Become a Saathi

There is an urgent need to build a complete data base on Sindhis and Sindhi activities. This data is required to be freely available to all the SINDHIS on internet.

As a Sindhi saathi you have a responsibility to promote Sindhi

Decide how best you can do it in your neighbourhood


First Name Last Name City
First Name Last Name City

Sindhi Database

Details of Associations

Charitable Trust


Jhulelal and other Temples managed by sindhis

Matrimonial Bureau / Agencies

Writers & Artists Profiles

Details of School

Details of College

Details of Old Age Homes